Keep ALL liquor profits working for Saskatchewan families
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Public liquor sales return huge profits to Saskatchewan people — money that can be spent on making life better for families and communities, funding schools, hospitals, long-term care homes, provincial parks, highways, and much more.

But the provincial government is putting all those benefits at risk.

It's begun already. By privatizing just four rural public liquor stores last year and green-lighting four new private stores, Saskatchewan has already lost $8 million in revenue. And now government has announced they will privatize 40 more public liquor stores, and open 12 new private stores.

We can't afford to sell off the public assets that are making us money.

At a time when we need all the revenue we can get — as our resource revenues continue to slide — it doesn't make sense to give away profits from public liquor sales.

Join us in saying NO to liquor store privatization by sending a message via this form.

So many to choose from...

If you think liquor privatization has been the Sask government's biggest #PRIVATIZATIONFAIL... say so, by clicking the image below. But be warned — you'll find many more horrible privatization examples to choose from!

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